The Genuine Team

September 30, 2020

The 2021 Genuine Team Photo Shoot | True Colors

Dreaming up this years BIG team photoshoot was so much fun!! It’s no easy task to put together such a large production. It’s also very important that each year is unique whether it’s in the theme, the message, or the location.

This year was about celebrating our individuality while collectively celebrating our team unity! We did this by creating our own unique paint designs for individuality and self expression. Then we came together to express the awesome bond we have as a team with spray paint wars and color powder explosions!

Our big production is only possible with the incredible amount of help I receive from my business team, Genuine Team alumni, and new this year Genuine Sisters joined us!

Thank you to Heather Yowler, Maddison Hayes, Emma Boger, Moira Tucker, Haley & Lili. Thank you to Timm Young for yet another insanely awesome film. And THANK YOU to my Genuine Team for making sure I didn’t leave this shoot without being ambushed by colorED powder! I LOVE Y’ALL!!


We will begin recruiting Sophomores and Juniors to our team on November 9, 2020.

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