I am the owner and founder of The Genuine Brand. I find joy in new relationships, serving the community, and appreciate the simpler things in life. Born in Philadelphia, with a few years time on Long Island, I found my way down South to North Carolina. I graduated from UNCG with a degree in Elementary education and a minor in Dance. After several years teaching in a public classroom I felt called to join the world of photography exploring my lifelong hobby more seriously. 

Devoted in my faith & grounded by realistic optimism, I want to make an impact on this world!

I am Melissa Lynn Hunt!

Hey there!

In 2013, photography led to working with teens. I developed The Genuine Team, a high school program that teaches life skills and serves the community through charity work. My passion for serving young woman then led to the creation of a middle school program as well as The Genuine Truth Podcast. I am a visionary and dreamer! When I see something broken, I want to fix it in the most delightful and positive way possible. The vision does not end there, with many fun additional projects in the works. 

I live life through an optimistic lens, seeing the potential in every moment—no matter how hopeless it may seem at first. I have learned that authenticity is a trustworthy guide, smiling is my preference, and when life gets tough you've got to lean on God as well as your community of friends and family. My passion is to encourage young women to live a life of authenticity; unwavering in their faith, morals, and values. 

Between running The Genuine Brand and building on my dreams, I enjoy cultivating a healthy lifestyle, a glass of wine while cooking dinner, and singing and dancing with the music as loud as it will go. If you can't find me, just check the beach. Above all, I love being with my husband and two boys!

I have probably just finished my morning workout, drinking my favorite protein smoothie, soaking up moments with my boys, and dreaming up ways to help my teens become strong - confident - world changers!


Morning Priority: drink a cup of coffee  and snuggle with Lucas


someday I want to write a book


Favorite places to shop: Lucky, Madewell, Athleta, & Aerie


Go-To Outfit: an old pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt


Dream vacation with my husband: Tropical Islands all day every day


Dream vacation with my kids: a road trip through the United States eating a variety of cuisine and visiting National Parks 


Favorite Holiday: Christmas


How Amazing Right?!

Let's see what we have in common...

One of the most beautiful gifts we have in this life, is
the  opportunity to work with like-minded people. 

To be given the opportunity to experience marriage and motherhood is a blessing I don't take for granted. 

My number one priority is Faith & Family combined.

- Walt Disney

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

There is no greater feeling than that of strengthening your community. I have poured my heart into philanthropic efforts working with Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte, Clean Juice At Concord Mills: First Responders Fundraiser, The Junior Charity League, and The Open Door House. To date The Genuine Team, Myself, and our Community of Friends and Family have raised over $14,500 for charity causes. 

Our creative fundraising events are designed, planned, and implemented by the high school Genuine Team. Thus giving them the opportunity to develop essential skills such as task management, collaboration, problem solving, and so much more.

Caring for Our Community

I've lived in 7 different cities and 3 different states spanning along the North and SouthEast.

I am an outstanding pen pal; I continue to send handwritten letters and cards to my out of town family and friends 

I was an award winning competitive dancer; tap dancing is my favorite

I was a child actress

I found a relationship with God in 2007 and it has been strengthening every day since

Working through anxiety and stress has led me to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle

There are a few fun facts that have shaped me into who I am today...

Bet you didn't know?

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