A group for girls 5th-8th grade that provides the tools and resources to build confidence and kindness, preparing them to be positive leaders in their communities. Our year long program of classes are held at our team home in Kannapolis, NC. 

The Genuine Sisters

We have two sisterhoods that meet once or twice a month on Sundays
5th & 6th grade as one 
7th & 8th grade as another

Melissa & Kaitlyn are dedicated to leading a safe space for conversation that creates trust. A space where every girl who enters can be who they are free of judgement. 




Finding Kind Documentary

Girl Talk

Get to Know Me


We believe in the power to create change and inspire the kindness that lies within each and every girl. Which is why we use The Kind Campaign to facilitate building strong, confident, and kind teens. 


UnHealthy Friendships

Building a Healthy Community of Friends

What are Friendships For

Healthy Friendships


Friends are with us for a reason, a season, a lifetime. Friendships are ever-changing throughout life. During the formative middle school years it can get complicated. As Genuine Sisters we focus on finding the good, recognizing the unhealthy, and how to cultivate friendships which bring us comfort & joy. 


Power of Words

More than Looks

Free to Be Me

Appearance Pressures

Appearance Ideals


When we reflect back on our middle school years, we almost immediately correlate that time to how we felt about our appearance. The anxiety of how we look and the constant comparison to other girls can hold us back from reaching our fullest potential. Our goal is to bring positive and lasting change in the body confidence and self esteem for each generation of girls. 

Self Esteem

We serve The Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte through Meal Crews and Pop Tab collection. 

Community Service & Random Acts of Kindness 

Community Service

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We know just how important our outward appearance is during the middle school years. It is everything!! Which is why I find it so important to show these girls, through the lens of my camera, just how BEAUTIFUL they are! 

A mini photo session with professional hair and makeup is included in the program. For 30 minutes each middle school girl will get to rock their favorite outfit while I capture their genuine beauty.

Her Shining Moment


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