Community Service

The CHOOSE KIND Campaign & Festival

The Kickball Tournament benefiting Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte

Random Acts of Kindness Project

Meal Teams & Pop Tabs for The Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte

The Genuine team is passionate about doing good work that matters in our community. To us this means supporting charitable organizations that fall within three areas of focus: female care, family care, and mental health. Additionally, we believe in simultaneously promoting healthy living by incorporating physical well being into our fundraising campaigns. 

Our projects include: 

Our Philanthropy

When we rise together, the world is changed for the better. Our intentional actions through service can impact the world around us. 

We strengthen the bond within our team. We are better together when we put people first. 

We are encouraging others to become active in their local communities and to give back to those in need. 

All team members who work hard and put forth excellent effort receive a detailed reference for their college, scholarship, and job applications.

Why Give Back? 

Each team member is given the opportunity to design, build, and/or lead an event. This gives each team member an opportunity for personal growth and to take part in giving back to the community. All attributes that colleges seek in their applicants. 

Genuine Growth & Community

The Kickball Tournament is a community experience that inspires generosity to provide families a safe and affordable home away from home at the Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte.

upcoming events

Over the last 7 years Melissa Lynn Hunt, founder of The Genuine Team, has devoted her energy to mentoring and educating middle & high school girls in the most unique and impactful way. She’s a pioneer in the teen mentorship arena; crafting lessons about self-care, friendships, mental health, and creating original community service projects all with the goal of helping teens become the strongest - most confident young woman they could be. 

Now, she’s created The Choose Kind Festival for teens to educate, inspire, and empower them to bring kindness to the forefront of their hearts, minds, actions.

Meet Melissa & Team