Our goal is to empower each girl to have a voice, live authentically, carry out their missions, and foster their God-given talents.

The Genuine Team was built to provide young women with the tools and resources to build up self awareness, discover the world around them, and engage deeply in their community.

In a safe and judgment free space we gather together to learn & grow. Our curriculum covers 7 key elements in holistic education. Each bearing importance alone and collectively in the course.

The Curriculum


Professional Etiquette

College Prep

Resume Building

Interview Skills

Essay Writing with virtual clinic hours

Mental Health I - III

Human Trafficking Talk with Present Age Ministries

Kind Classes: Girl Against Girl Hate Focus

Community Service Foundations

Community Service Building & Implementing Strategies

How to be a Leader and an effective team player

Social Media Etiquette

Financial Prep

Self Defense I & II with Integrated Martial Arts

Healthy Eating

Meal Planning

Car Care

Full Class List: 


As high school seniors, an immense focus is placed on college applications. We provide a variety of college preparation courses to develop tangible skills such as essay writing, resume development, and interview preparation. These courses are strategically placed throughout the year for maximal benefit in regards to the traditional college application cycle. 

Additionally, we provide a hands-on-course for all things car-care. From identifying a potential problem ro changing a flat tire to the steps to take in an emergency, our girls become comfortable with the responsibility of a car. 



The Genuine Team focuses on finding an authentic identity, and in doing so, our team members become equipped to value and prioritize their mental health. Through several Mental Health classes, a variety of topics are covered in-depth. An emphasis is placed on stress-management, recognition of stress, and techniques to reduce and combat stress and stress-related anxiety. Through candid team discussions and activities, each member will develop techniques to improve and maintain their own mental and emotional health.

Disclaimer: these courses are not intended to serve as a replacement for professional care. A licensed mental health professional should be contacted if you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health.



What better way to build confidence than by working to make our bodies stronger and healthier? It all starts with education, and that’s found in understanding healthy eating and its importance. We provide the tools necessary to prioritize and understand a nutritious diet in balance with exercise designed to improve fitness. Our exercise classes are taught in addition to self-defense courses that promote confidence in physical ability and safety. A focus is also placed on the importance of quality sleep and tangible skin-care techniques.



In a society ruled by technology and social media platforms, learning social media and email etiquette is an essential part of success. These skills are taught through various classes and refined through community service projects with the Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte. Additionally, mentorship and professionalism skills are developed through Kind Classes and the Middle School Mentorship program. Kind Classes provide the skills necessary to serve as a big sister to a middle school girl, developing her confidence and outlook in a variety of ways.



As most of our girls are preparing to undertake a four year undergraduate education, understanding basic financial management is an essential skill. Through financial prep classes, The Genuine Team works to comprehend the importance of balanced finances, as well as creating a realistic plan for financial management. From personal money management to an understanding of college financial planning, we work together as a team to ensure each member moves into their first stages of adulthood with readiness and financial confidence.



The Genuine Team is not a religious program, therefore an emphasis is placed on the simple act of leaving behind a better world. In an effort to do so, we embark upon community service & random acts of kindness to make an effort to leave our immediate world a better place. We also discuss the importance of mindfulness and develop the skills to improve this practice. Journaling is an additional practice that is introduced to improve clarity and mental focus. Throughout the entirety of the course, the focus is placed on gratitude through the lens of humility: we strive to build individuals that are positive, humble, and authentic in whatever faith they practice. 



Senior year is a time of immense transition, one that is smoothed by the development of professional skills necessary in the undergraduate and working world. Through courses entitled “How to be a Team Leader & Player” we ensure that members of the Genuine Team leave with a strong preparation for whatever occupation and education they undertake. We also have in-depth discussions regarding employment during high school and college that occur tangentially to training in setting realistic and high-reaching self expectations and goals.


7 Key Elements in Holistic Education