I recognized that I could be positive voice to those in need of an inspiring, non-judgmental presence in their lives.

My mission is to ensure that each generation of females grow up enjoying positive relationships with themselves others, and God. I will do this by promoting a culture where girls feel safe, seen, heard, challenged and respected. 

A community of girls inspiring and supporting one another to live our most authentic life; filled with  love, kindness, and honesty.

Genuine Varsity: Juniors + Seniors
Genuine junior varsity: freshmen + sophomores
If you can make it to classes & meetings held in Kannapolis, NC (West Ave District) you can apply! In the past we have had over 10 high schools & Homeschool girls from a variety of counties represented.

A sisterhood


We cover what you won’t learn elsewhere. Our line up of 35+ classes are written specifically for what you need now and for your immediate future. 

Life skills classes


As part of the team you will get to participate in creative fun group photoshoots! 

Team Photoshoots


Our service projects are designed to give you the experience of building, leading, and implementing. You will gain incredible life skills as well as skills that most colleges + Employers seek in their applicants, all while serving your community. 

Community Service


What is the Genuine Team? 

Q: How can I make a lasting impact on my community

A: start with the Genuine Team


Q: How will I manage college, my social life, and potentially having a job

A: start with the Genuine Team


Q: How do I discern the voice of god, have faith, and pray?

A: start with the Genuine Team


Q: How can I set myself apart from the thousands of others applying for scholarships?

A: start with the Genuine Team


Q: How can I defend & protect myself?

A: start with the Genuine Team


Q: How do I start taking care of my mind and body?
A: start with the Genuine Team


This is a place for YOU if
you have ever wondered about...

This is not a secret society or elite group for any one kind of girl. 
This is for the girl who wants the most out of this life she is blessed to have!

in August 2023. If you'd like to be the first to receive detailed information regarding the program, time commitment, investment, and more subscribe to the newsletter.

OUr JV and Varsity Teams BEGIN

Led by Melissa Lynn Hunt, founder & educator, and an incredible team of leaders. our team comes together in a judgment free space to connect, learn and grow individually and collectively. 

world changer







Genuine by definition means truly what something is said to be; authentic.

authentic means noT changing who we are to fit in. Living in the fullness of how god created us.

Rather finding true belonging for who we are.

That is the Genuine Team - belonging for who you are.

Our Definition