Senior Portraits

September 21, 2020

Charlotte NC Senior Portraits

Senior year is one of the most important years to commemorate with photographs because it is often times the last professional portraits you will have of yourself before you meet the love of your life and are planning your engagement photos. 😉 It’s crazy to wrap your head around that thought, and while the time between high school and finding your forever love has no exact measure, it is safe to say that because of this possibility, senior portraits have become one of the most important necessities in one’s life.

These portraits will be treasured for a lifetime. First loved because “Look at me now!” and later loved for “Wow, that was me in high school!” Twenty years from now you’ll be able to reminisce on the fun from your photo session, the good times with your high school BFF’s, and joke about how much you have aged since then. 😉

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