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January 3, 2017

Nicole | Class of 2017 | Charlotte NC Senior Portrait Photographer

Nicole and her mama hold a special place in my heart. I have known them for a few years now. I consider it a great honor that they chose to join my #mlhseniors model team. Like all of my clients this year, they gave me grace and showed patience while I was working through maternity leave. In fact, Nicole’s senior session took place during the period of time when Luke had major separation anxiety from me.
Nicole’s senior session was such a dream!! For the first time ever, I was able to photograph at Morning Glory Farms.  This location wast the most perfect backdrop for a senior portrait session, and without a doubt it was perfect for Nicole! I still can’t believe it is so close to home too! We had dreamy ivy covered trellis’s, ivy covered grass, picket fences, pathways, beautiful trees including a willow tree, and the cutest little pond.

Aside from all of the dreamy senior portraits I was able to capture, I really enjoyed this one on one time with Nicole. This girl is super chill and down to earth.  I love that she has a sense of humor and doesn’t take herself too seriously. Two very awesome qualities for a girl to have!

charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0256 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0259

How beautiful is this image! I love that I am able to capture these moments that even my seniors will want to display in their home.


Below is one of my most favorite set of images. I love the sweet smile paired with the super mature look! Nicole you are gorgeous!

charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0257 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0258 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0255 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0261 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0262 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0264 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0263 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0265 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0266 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0269 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0270

Ahhhh so so dreamy!

charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0268 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0267 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0272 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0271 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0273 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0274 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0275 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0276

Melissa Lynn Hunt is a Charlotte, NC Senior Portrait Photographer. You can peek into the behind the scenes fun HERE. 

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