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October 24, 2016

Gracyn | Class of 2017 | Charlotte NC Senior Portrait Photographer

As a senior portrait photographer I aim for capturing these young ladies in way that is much different from most portrait photographers. I aim to show them all of the facets of their beauty through my photography. Their outside beauty, inner spirit beauty, and their own unique vibe that makes them who they are. It’s endless what I can do as their photographer.  And that fills my heart with so much joy.
The best memory I have from Gracyn’s senior session is hearing her mom say, “This is so Gracyn!”  I live for that.  I work hard for that.  I want each girls senior session to be everything about who they are.

As you will be able to tell from Gracyn’s session, she has a happy soul.  She is clearly kind & confident. Gracyn of course is beautiful on the outside, but in these photographs you can see her spirit within.


charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0204 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0205

Photographing Gracyn in this barn at Hodges Farm was an absolute dream! How amazing that she has this super cool photo to keep forever!!

charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0207 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0206 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0208 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0209 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0212 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0210 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0211charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0214

One of the many things that makes an #mlhseniors experience special is that these girls can bring three outfits to wear for their photographs. It’s a great way to capture classy and casual or even different styles and personalities!
charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0215 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0213 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0217 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0216 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0218

charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0219 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0220 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0221 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0223 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0222 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0224 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0225 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0226

If a dreamy field is what you desire for your senior portrait session, then Hodges Farm is the place to go!  We were so spoiled by this field. How gorgeous is Gracyn surrounded by all this tall grass?!

charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0227 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0228 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0229 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0230 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0231 charlotte-nc-senior-portrait-photographer_0232

Melissa Lynn Hunt, Charlotte NC Senior Portrait Photographer, also serving Concord NC, Harrisburg NC, Huntersville NC, and Lake Norman NC. 



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