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July 15, 2015

Genuine Pursuit of Success | Business Workshop

Brittany and I have poured our hearts into building a workshop that would be the ultimate business woman bonding there could ever be.  The biggest strength we share is our friendship.  We see the value in our friendship and how it has truly impacted our success as business woman.  Brittany and I support each other full-heartedly. We are each others sounding board, cheerleader, counselor, and rock!  We know first hand the importance of having a friend and support system in business, which is why we want to build this with you through our GPS workshop!
We designed this workshop to make a difference in not just in your business but also in our community of girl bosses!

Expect there to be a ton of laughter, a crazy amount of learning, good food, friendship, and quite a few “Amens!”



We are open books. That’s how we truly believe we can fully serve our attendees. Our heart and love for teaching has certainly fueled this workshop.  It is our desire to help other like minded business women have the success and satisfaction they desire through this business workshop.

To Learn all the details including the investment visit the GPS page






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