Senior Portraits

July 9, 2015

Megan | Class of 2016 | Charlotte NC Senior Portrait Photographer

How awesome would it be if you could be inspired and get excited about life every time you go to work!! I am so thankful that being a senior portrait photographer offers a financial stability and provides me with happiness and motivation to live a full life. This is something I thank God for every day. Sorry for babbling at the start of this post, this young lady below is a reminder of how awesome my job is!

If you want to be super impressed and feel extremely confident in today’s youth, then look no further.

Megan is the epitome of a hard working and well mannered young lady. She has that type of personality where nothing will get in her way.  She won’t give up.  If for some reason one way doesn’t work, well then she is going to figure out an alternative.  I have truly enjoyed getting to know her over the past 7 months.

I am so excited for the future ahead of her!! She is a big dreamer and I know that she will achieve whatever she puts her mind to.



Charlotte NC Senior Portrait Photographer – Melissa Lynn Hunt Seniors

2016 Seniors I am now booking for September, October, and November.  Now is the time to inquire about my sessions and pricing so that you can secure your date! Planning ahead is key for a successful senior portrait session!  Email for more information.

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