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June 22, 2015

How to Make Exercise Fun | AIR Charlotte

How can you make exercise fun, you ask?  Simple. Do it upside down!!!

Yes, that’s right, change up your perspective and  go to an aerial class at AIR Charlotte!


Have you ever found yourself in a complete exercise rut?  You have been doing the same workout routine over and over, therefore you are starting to lose the motivation to keep on going??  If so, than you are just like me!  It takes a lot of commitment to adhere to a solid exercise schedule.  I definitely put fitness at the forefront of my priority list.  However, as easy as it is to want to stay healthy and fit, I find myself losing motivation when I start to get bored.  There is never anything wrong with what I am doing, I am just doing so much of the same thing that I need to think out of the box, shake it all up, and try something new.  Well lucky for you I tested out a super amazing fitness class and I am here to tell you all about it!

My senior models and I were given a private AIR fitness class at the Charlotte studio location.  This was our first time attending an aerial class, but we had done our research!  This video both pumped us up and got us scared all at the same time.  We knew we were gonna WORK it! But that is what we wanted to do!

Kerri Flanigan, Owner and Trainor at the Charlotte based studio, welcomed us with enthusiasm. While we were eye balling those silk hammocks with excitement (and a little fear), Kerri started teaching us the basics.  Only ten minutes into the class and I knew we were in great hands with Kerri.  She explained all the moves in great detail, showing us not just once, but twice, and even three times.  She reminded us that we were in a judgement free zone and that we should listen to our bodies (a reminder everyone should have when doing an exercise that they have never done before).


(Kerri Flanigan, Owner/Trainer, with my models and I)

Our class was similar to an AIR Foundations class (found under the class schedule tab on the website). There was a fusion of yoga and pilates in everything we did.  We worked every single part of our body!  We were able to FLY like an aerial artist!!!!  We surprised ourselves with how far we could go!  It was seriously a good time.  I left feeling empowered, strong, and optimistic for how far I can fly after a few more classes!


I think AIR Fitness and Melissa Lynn Hunt Photography share many similarities. Most importantly we share similar beliefs for both life and business. As stated on their website, The company is built on the belief that we should always challenge ourselves to think outside the box, never become complacent, and to our follow our dreams. If you don’t have a motto, adopt this one!!!!!  Write it on a post it, in a journal, or on the bathroom mirror ladies!!  When you find yourself stuck in that rut remind yourself to think outside the box.

AIR class Fun


Melissa Lynn Hunt Seniors




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