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August 31, 2021


Peace is a worthwhile pursuit. A pursuit that is a process which journeys through the seasons of life. My hope is that Genuine Team will be a meaningful stop for the girls as they embark on this adventure.

Melissa Lynn Hunt, Genuine Team Founder + Educator
genuine team
The Class of 22 + 23 Team
Pinky the VW Bus provided by | Clean Juice smoothies provided by Clean Juice at Concord Mills

With each new season of Genuine Team comes a new team photo shoot! The theme, Genuine Peace, was determined many months prior and chosen because we are truly in a pursuit of PEACE.

As individuals, as a team, as a community, and as a nation. We all desire a state of peace which seems so far out of reach at the moment. However, I believe it is up to us to retrieve it back. To lean into fullness of who we were made to be and what God wants for us all.

So if the past two years have left them feeling fractured or torn, I hope that the girls are able to see that there is hope and promise ahead. That there is PEACE to attain and it’s closer than they may see. They just need to assess who and what they surround themselves with – aiming for truth, positivity, and light.

You can learn more about the Genuine Team at

genuine team
genuine team, clean juice
To achieve the full benefits of peace it is important to properly fuel our bodies. Clean Juice at Concord Mills graciously provided our smoothies and I am honored to share about them. Their mission is healthy and strong in mind, body, and spirit. They provide organic smoothies, juices, sandwiches, and more that nourish our bodies in the best way possible. Clean Juice is my personal go-to for strengthening my immune system, protecting my mental health, and maintaining glowing skin.
genuine team
genuine team
genuine team, clean juice
clean juice

My Girls!!

Shout out to the Class of 22 + 23! They are a joy to lead and to be around. I am blessed beyond measure by them and their families.

If you are Class of 2023 it’s your chance to join this incredible sisterhood. Head to and subscribe to our e-newsletter. We will send you information about the program beginning late September. Applications open in October so you can take the next step towards this awesome high school experience. 

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