Senior Portraits

October 4, 2020

Charlotte NC Senior Portraits

The #MLHSENIORS experience is known as one of the best of your senior year – I make sure of it!

I take the time to help you design the session that speaks to who you are at that very moment. From the outfits you wear to the locations you choose, I am here for you. While on the session I will coach you through every pose and move so that you feel comfortable & confident. I will also show you the back of the camera throughout the session so that you know just how incredible you look!

My goal is to make sure I give you top quality photos and that we have the most fun during the time we are together.

Allie’s senior session encompasses all of my hopes for every photo session I complete. We had so much fun together with lots of laughter. From the moment we began there was this relaxed vibe and it continued the entire two hours. Joy, is probably the best word to describe it all. From the downtown streets to the local park it was one great moment after another. For me, I my favorite was ending the session with puppy snuggles and family hugs.

I count my blessings every day and I always include the teens and families I work with.

I mention this because, well, I am feeling incredibly grateful at the moment.

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