The Genuine Sisters

October 2, 2020

Middle School Portraits | Genuine Sisters Team

While editing the photos I kept thinking about how each of these middle school girls are just so lovely. From their smiles to their hair to the way their personalities shine through. Our God is so incredible for creating each and every one of us so uniquely.

My biggest wish for all of the Genuine Sisters [ and honestly every girl out there ] is that they too will see how beautiful they are. That they will embrace every feature and truly believe that there is power in being unlike anyone else in this world. My hope is for every girl to look in the mirror and instead of thinking one criticizing thought they think of how God took intentional time to create them to stand out rather than blend in.

For all girls [ and women 😉 ] reading this, I believe whole heartedly that we were created in the image of God. This belief took many years, however when I finally gave myself permission to love every original part of me, the power of confidence began. The act of confidence feels way better than the act of criticizing. And I will continue my mission of introducing girls to that confidence one team at a time!

So without further or do, I’d like to introduce you to some of my fabulous and beautiful middle school girls aka The Genuine Sisters! We have a team of 14 this year and will be photographing portraits over the next two months. Here is the first group!

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