July 12, 2020

My Annual Mom & Boys Beach Photo Session

Here we are… another year where I disrupt the beauty sleep of all of my boys just so my sentimental heart can be satisfied with a 6:00am beach photo shoot.

Every year we travel down to Holden Beach NC for much needed time with our extended family. What started as just one early morning of pictures back in 2017, has now turned into tradition each year. Jason Hunt has no desire to be photographed that early in the morning. So he takes control of the camera and I get to have some moments with the boys on the beach as the sun is saying “‘good morning!”

As tough as it is for all of us to be up that early with a camera present, I try to keep perspective with every “I’m still tired.” “Are we done yet?” “I am hungry!” Listen, it’s really hard. They are 10 & 4 years old and not begging to have their picture taken.

These little guys keep growing … and fast! I also have the perspective that one day they may not be with me on the beach because of school or work or their own family needs. So while I have this time, I will soak it all up and tell them to just live through the hunger for 10 more minutes. 🙂

All credit goes to Jason Hunt for these beautiful photos we get to cherish. He musters up all the patience he can and does everything in his power not to bop me on the head when I am rattling off quick tips on composition, lighting, or saying things “you’ve gotta move with us Jason and get in the action!!”

I love Jason Hunt and I am grateful that he takes an hour of his life every year to make this happen!

First up is a little comparison for you! 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 of me and my boys.


My goal is to not pose for pictures. I want to walk, spin, run, look at seashells, talk about sharks and dolphins, and do so many of the normal things we would do if we were just on the beach together.


I am so in love with this kid right here. God gave him some pretty cool gifts and I feel pretty blessed to get to guide him, counsel him, and love him through every season of his life. These pics are fun for me because I love seeing this transition from carrying Noah on my back to walking side by side with him. I just can’t imagine that he might be taller than me one day! He will always hold the special title of first born – the one that first made me a mom!

2018 [left] 2020 [right]

2018 [left] 2020 [right]

2017 - 2018 - 2020

2017 – 2018 – 2020

It’s so cool to see the growth progression in these three images. I just love so much when other moms post their kids growth progression photos. It’s just so incredible to see how fast they change.


Me and my Lucas have a love like no other. Man, this kid is something else. God knew what he was doing when he put me in charge of this dinosaur / super hero / king kong of a kid. We both need each other in so many ways. He hugs tight, whispers ‘I love you’s’, and calls me a princess. I am smitten.

Well I am through with the side by sides from over the years. Here are some of my favorites from this years beach session.

snuck in a quick pic of Jason & Luke 🙂