Senior Portraits, The Genuine Team

July 3, 2020

2020 Genuine Team Body Positivity Part I

Body positivity suggests you need to be happy with your body all the time.

And I know we can all agree it’s not always easy to feel “I am so in love with my body.”

But the absolute beauty found in the movement is that we are mentally working towards having a positive body image regardless of how society and pop culture view ideal shape, size, and appearance. And I can get behind that message! Which is why for this years team beach shoot I wanted to focus on [1] no skin edits: not a single skin retouch [2] minimal photo color correcting: brought down some of the reds/yellows in the overall image + a little sharpening [3] clothes from a brand that truly celebrates the authentic version of woman: #AerieReal

This 2020 team and I have been through a lot individually & collectively. The challenges we faced moved us into this new level of connection that was difficult and messy while equally beautiful and transformative. When you peel back the layers of the entire two years and uncover the core …. there is one word to describe it all… REAL! These images celebrate this group of young women who are beautiful in mind, body, and spirit. Young women who are courageous, smart, and gorgeous (even when they aren’t feeling it so much.)

This group of young women whom I love so dearly. My 2020 Genuine Team.