October 29, 2016

The Most Perfect Photos of My Children | Halloween 2016

Photographing my children this Halloween reminded me of a recent conversation I had with a mom-friend.
With a very serious tone she says that she’s waiting for the right time to hire a family photographer. She says, “Oh well the kids won’t sit still, they get into everything, I just don’t think this is the year for it.” My photographer heart was racing and the sentimental mommy that I am was about to hit her over the head. How could there ever be a right time?


(I mean c’mon, if I would’ve waited for the perfect time I would not have this gem of a photograph!)

The days are moving fast, the months are passing quickly, and the years are flying by! Don’t wait. Get those photographs taken. Capture those moments. They WILL BE PERFECT because they are your babies. No matter what the situation all photos of my children are perfect.

Each year we document Noah’s halloween costume with a little mini session. This year we added an extra dose of fun into our Halloween, Luke the 6 month old monkey! A baby monkey and a 6 year old dinosaur are quite the combination  (enjoy the outtakes at the bottom). The age difference between Noah and Luke makes for quite the comedy show on a daily basis. And it held strong for our photos.


Through all of the perfect and imperfect moments I LOVE these two beyond measure.

Noah chose to be a T-Rex this year! It makes perfect sense. That child walks around this house roaring like a dinosaur daily. Wait, let me clarify, he walks around roaring like a dinosaur in his brother’s face. At about 4 months old Luke cried in fear. Now, at 6 months, Luke finds it hilarious. Thank God!

dinosaur halloween costume

I knew almost immediately that Luke was going to be a monkey. I have called him “monkey” since birth. I say things like, “Come here little monkey!” and “Hey monkey!” It has become a term of endearment for my little guy. Let’s face it, he is one cute monkey. What does every monkey have with him by his side??

The answer is further down in this post.


melissa-lynn-hunt-photography_0289 melissa-lynn-hunt-photography_0286 melissa-lynn-hunt-photography_0285 melissa-lynn-hunt-photography_0279 melissa-lynn-hunt-photography_0281 melissa-lynn-hunt-photography_0280 melissa-lynn-hunt-photography_0278 melissa-lynn-hunt-photography_0277

So did you figure out what every monkey needs by his side??

His BANANA of course!


From about month 3 to month 5 Luke struggled to be away from me.  His separation anxiety was unreal. He would do the hyperventilating cry for hours. The moment I would return, it was like a light switch. He stopped crying and all was right in his world again.

I knew that being his banana would be a perfect way to commemorate those long two months! He is a mama’s boy and I am ok with that.

melissa-lynn-hunt-photography_0284 melissa-lynn-hunt-photography_0282

Some may call the next set of photos “outtakes,” but I call them REAL LIFE!


“What?? You didn’t want me to put my tail in his face??”

melissa-lynn-hunt-photography_0295 melissa-lynn-hunt-photography_0292 melissa-lynn-hunt-photography_0293

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