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August 21, 2015

Why Should You Book Senior Portraits Now | Charlotte NC Senior Portrait Photographer

It is sometimes hard for a parent to wrap their head around Senior Portraits before their child is even really a senior!  I definitely get it as a mom.  I do not want to speed up time any faster than it is already going!  I am here to tell you that you should consider booking your daughter’s senior portrait session as soon as you can!  I’m here to help you consider the options and give you the facts!


I photograph at mainly outdoor locations.  This limits us to the Summer, Fall, and Spring.  We want to photograph in the most ideal weather conditions and temperature is the biggest factor. Each season has it’s own benefits.  The summer is great because it is warm and typically sunny.  The senior is also more likely to have that tan she so badly wants for her photos.  The Fall is excellent because it tends to be a little cooler and there is a smaller chance of rain compared to the summer.  The fall wardrobe is a great one for senior portraits too.  It’s fun to play around with hats, scarfs, vests, and boots! The Spring is excellent because of the temperatures and the blooming tress and flowers. It’s a great time to break out those pretty spring colors!


While I don’t want to steer you completely away from the Spring, what I do want to do is persuade you to plan for early spring!  If the Summer and Fall are not an option for you I suggest planning your daughter’s spring senior session as early as possible!  Depending on which school you attend, graduation will fall somewhere between the end of May up until the second week of June.  This means that it is likely you will want to have your daughters senior portraits ordered and delivered to you before this time.  Especially if you are considering sending grad announcements.  Let me break it down for you!

If you were to schedule a senior portrait session for Saturday April 11th I will show the timeline of what you might can expect:

April 11th: Session Date: On locations photographing the senior portraits

April 25th: Ordering Session: Order your prints, products, digitals, grad announcements, etc.

May 9th: Pick up completed order

As you can see it is about a 4 week process.  If it is a busy season, it could extend the time by one more week.  In the scenario above you will still have time to send out those grad cards and prepare grad gifts without feeling stressed or rushed.


I’ve heard the stories before.  Once your daughter gets into the thick of her senior year, life can get crazy busy.  Not to mention when you have to consider sports and other extra curricular activities.  The best thing to do is PLAN AHEAD!  As soon as you know the schedule get in touch with me via the contact form on this site!


Now while I am persuading you to plan ahead and book before your daughter graduates.  I also want to let you know that is is quite alright to wait until the summer after graduation!! It happens all the time.  The experience will still be the same awesome experience and your daughter will have amazing senior photos!!  In fact, you can turn a grad announcement into a college announcement!  What a wonderful way to announce where your daughter has committed to going.  There is no right or wrong way to planing the session.  It comes down to what YOU prefer!


Charlotte NC Senior Portrait Photographer – Melissa Lynn Hunt Seniors

2017 Seniors I still have dates available for THIS SPRING!  Head to the contact page to pick your date! 2018 seniors NOW is the time to inquire about my sessions and pricing so that you can secure your date! Planning ahead is key for a successful senior portrait session! You can always for more information.

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