July 10, 2015

Photography Tips | Technique

I am so excited to be here sharing photography tips with you guys!!
I remember when I first started out in photography all I wanted to know were the camera settings of the photographers I was following!! Somehow I thought if I just knew what their settings were, I would be amazing just like them.  Well I hate to break it to you, but that couldn’t be FARTHER from the TRUTH. Seriously.  Being an awesome photographer (or business owner) requires at least:

  • Vision : be clear with yourself what you are trying to achieve.  You need to be intentional with your shooting.
  • Talent : practice, practice, practice, and educate yourself!
  • Passion : love what you are photographing!  If you have passion for what you are photographing that will show in your work!
  • Drive : you need to be motivated to dream, work, and hustle.  Without drive it will take you much longer to achieve your goals.

These things need to be your own. Not a copy of someone else.  However, now that I have been in this business I do realize that knowing camera settings will at least give you a start and a spring board for wrapping your head around where you want to go with YOUR vision!!

Below are two images from Megan’s Senior Session that you saw on the blog yesterday!  I’ve listed the camera settings for these images  and I have also included a VIDEO of me in action, taking these exact images. I hope you find these very helpful!!  Please feel free to shoot me a message or post a comment if you have any questions!!

Canon 5D Mark ii

85 mm



Subject lit with reflector – white side



Photography Shooting Tips – Senior Portrait Photographer from Melissa Hunt on Vimeo.

Photography Tips – North Carolina Senior Portrait Photographer

If you ARE looking for more tips, advice, and business guidance you will be excited to know that I have just what you need!  My best bud Brittany Lauren and I have dreamed up the most amazing opportunity for other photographers to learn our secrets to our success. If you have been following us on social media (MelissaLynnHunt  and   BrittanyLaurenCreates) then you know we’ve had something in the works. Next week we will finally reveal all the details!! Follow the blog daily to learn more and be ready for when the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT goes live!


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